Your first cryo

Get Ready

Cryo Safety

Gravity Cryo is a whole body cryotherapy experience and like any new health treatment, you may wish to talk to your doctor before your first session. Also, if you’re new to Gravity Cryo, please let us know – we are always happy to answer any questions. 


Before your session, please ensure the following:

  • Hair and clothing are completely dry.
  • Avoid applying any ointments or lotions.
  • Wait at least 1 hour after exercise.
  • Feel well on the day i.e. no cold/flu symptoms.
  • Review our Gravity Cryo Contraindications to ensure you’re safe to Cryo!


After your session, please ensure the following:

  • Do not immediately engage in demanding physical activities.
  • Consult with your doctor if you experience any unusual or persistent symptoms. 


What To Wear

Upon arrival, you will receive a Cryo Suit to wear before and during your session, which includes:

Robe, Mask, Gloves, Ear muffs, Socks, Slippers


During your session, we suggest exposing as much skin area as possible in order to gain the optimal effect but please dress according to your own comfort level. Therefore, you may also wear the following:

Underwear, Shorts, Bathers (without metal), Crop top, Sports bra, Singlet


Arrive Early

New to Gravity Cryo? Be sure to arrive 5 minutes early and let our crew at the front desk know that you’re a newbie! 



Save time and register online prior to your first session. Upon arrival, be sure to inform our crew that you have registered in advance so that we can fast track you!

If you haven’t registered in advance, you will need to complete your registration at our centre. *Please note, if you’re 16 or 17 - you must have a parent or guardian sign the client waiver in person.

Once you have successfully registered, please finalise payment and wait for our crew to give you the authorisation to begin your experience. *Please note, without authorisation from our crew - you DO NOT pass the front desk, do not collect a Cryo Suit and do not head to our Cryo Station. 



Suit up! Prepare to change into your Cryo Suit and secure your belongings in a locker. Our lockers have coded keypads, so there’s no need to bring your own lock. Before you leave the change rooms, be sure to check that you meet our Gravity Cryo Safety Rules!



Now it’s time to play the waiting game until our crew give you the authorisation to approach the Cryo Station. You will be asked which music track you wish to play during your session so be sure to have your preferences ready for our crew! 



Once you have received authorisation to approach the Cryo Station, please follow the instructions of our crew to protect yourself at all times and enjoy your Gravity Cryo Experience. Don’t forget to snap your #GravityCryo selfie!


Warm Up

Once you’ve disembarked from the Cryo Station, you may head towards the Blue Zone to enjoy a warm up before returning your Cryo Suit to the change room.